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Yost Labs is the leading innovator in real-time inertial motion tracking.

Our sensor fusion firmware enables motion tracking in many of today’s most exciting products. We enable virtual reality to be immersive and interactive. We enable drones and autonomous cars to navigate. We measure human motion for medical rehab and athletics. We enable robots to move where they are directed. We tell you where you are heading and how fast you are getting there.

Introducing the 3-Space™ Sensor Family

Each Yost 3-Space Sensor uses a triaxial gyroscope, triaxial accelerometer, triaxial magnetometer, and microprocessor in conjunction with advanced sensor fusion processing to determine orientation relative to an absolute reference in real-time.

The product family offers a breadth of communication, performance, and packaging options ranging from the ultra-miniature surface-mount PCBs to fully integrated battery-powered wireless and data-logging versions.

Motion. Tracked.

Yost Lab’s innovation has been recognized with multiple patent awards with numerous additional patent applications pending. Our sensor technology is capturing market based on advanced firmware with low latency, high accuracy, low cost and ease of integration.

Low Cost

From embedded sensors to full-body mocap systems, our solutions represent breakthrough in price for performance.

Minimal Latency

QGRAD™ firmware is 300% faster in sensor fusion than Kalman filter based sensors.

Wireless Speed

We brewed our own 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) protocols to create ultra low latency wireless inertial sensors.

Custom Solutions

Our engineers are sensor experts and are here to serve as an extension to your R&D team – we will build the perfect sensor for your application.

Low Energy

1/10th the arithmetic operations vs Kalman filters of our competitors results in increased speed and decreased energy draw.

Low Heat

Ultra efficient sensor fusion uses fewer processor cycles helping mobile devices run cool.

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