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Making Motion Capture Accessible with 3-Space™ Sensors

Yost Labs inertial motion capture technology enables independent game developers, small studio animators, and virtual reality creators to bring their characters to life. By tracking a person’s movement with body worn sensors, we remove the limitations of optical systems, reduce costs, eliminate space constraints, and break down barriers to motion capture.

Learn how virtual reality is only milliseconds away thanks to the ultra-low latency of 3-Space™ Sensors: Download the PrioVR Dev Kit Spec Sheet

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Opening up a world of possibilities with affordable, highly accurate motion capture.


By utilizing high performance, low cost sensor technology, we flipped the script on traditional camera-based motion capture.


Our innovative solution means you can ditch the studio and mocap multiple performers at the same time in spaces of any size both indoor and out.


With the low cost of our mocap solutions, you’ll also receive access to our free, open source MoCap Studio software and developer support.