Biomechanical motion sensing with 3-Space™ Sensors

Yost Labs inertial motion capture technology enables wireless, low cost joint angle analysis in real time. Since it is possible to extract human joint angles from body worn sensors, our innovations have applications for organic motion capture, biomechanics studies, range of motion studies, sports studies, ergonomics studies, and telerehab.

Learn how it works with this Free White Paper: Calculating Angles Between Two Yost Labs 3-Space Sensor Devices on a Human Body.

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Yost Labs’ Family of Joint Specific Products for Monitoring Telerehab

Monitor Outpatient Physical Therapy

Real-time motion tracking of in-home rehab enhances communication between patient and clinician .

Gamify Therapy

Gamification increases patient adherence and motivation to complete at-home exercises .

Provide Instruction & Feedback

Online, interactive guidance supports patients better than paper instructions for home-based rehab.