Surface-mountable 3-Space™ inertial sensor components now available with real-time position tracking.

GPS Compromised Pedestrian Tracking is possible with a single, low cost 3-Space sensor from Yost Labs. Using innovative solutions, we have solved the significant technical challenge of tracking where a person is as they walk around and even climb stairs in a building or other environment where GPS is not available.

Yost Labs provides this sensor technology as a surface-mount electronic component that is easily embedded in other devices. The engineering team at Yost Labs is available as an extension of our customer’s tech team to successfully integrate this technology.

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Applications include tracking first responders as they enter areas of low or no visibility such as a smoke filled building.

The Hardware

Yost Labs pedestrian tracking technology uses 3D accelerometers, 3D gyros, a magnetometer that tracks the sensor relative to the earth’s magnetic field, and a barometric pressure sensor to track the slightest change in elevation.

The Firmware

The Yost Labs’ patented QGRAD2™ sensor fusion firmware is 300% faster in sensor fusion than Kalman filter based sensors.

The Result

Yost Lab’s pedestrian tracking solution can track, in real-time, a person walking 100 meters (including going up and down stairs) and provide an estimated position of that individual to plus/minus 3 meters.

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