Ultra-fast Inertial Motion Sensor Technology

As a result of a decade of sensor fusion R&D, Yost Labs has established new industry benchmarks for low latency and high accuracy in inertial motion sensing. Our QGRAD™ firmware enables sensors to output data 3 times faster than sensors running a Kalman filter, allowing for endless, innovative, real-world applications.

From garbage trucks to military drones, our ultra fast inertial motion technology is sensing motion and helping people solve problems.  Read our eGuide to learn more about the innovative uses of 3-Space™ Sensors.

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The 3-Space™ Sensor: a miniature, high-precision, high-reliability, low-cost SMT Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) / Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)


Our ground-breaking QGRAD™ filter increases computational efficiency which results in increased speed and decreased energy draw unmatched by competitors.


The 3-Space™ Family of Products offers an array of communication, performance, and packaging options from ultra-miniature embedded sensors to battery-powered wireless and data logging versions.

Custom Solutions

Our engineers are sensor experts and are here to serve as an extension to your R&D team – we will build the perfect sensor for your application

  • 3-Space™ LX Embedded

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  • 3-Space™ Embedded

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  • 3-Space™ Bluetooth

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  • 3-Space™ Data Logger

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  • 3-Space™ Wireless 2.4GHz DSSS

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  • 3-Space™ USB/RS232

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  • 3-Space™ Watertight USB/RS232

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