Innovative Inertial Motion Sensor Projects

From researching biomechanics for runners to detecting road conditions for cities, Yost Labs’ inertial motion sensor technology is making new projects possible. Read our brief case studies and find out how others are applying the world’s fastest inertial motion sensor technology.

Case Study Innovative Inertial Motion Sensor Projects

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About Yost Labs and 3-Space™

Yost Labs’ 3-Space sensors are a line of high-performance inertial measurement units. 3-Space sensors feature QGRAD™, a fusion firmware technology that enables these sensors to output fully fused orientation at 850Hz (3x faster than sensors running a Kalman filter). For calibrated IMU data, 3-Space sensors clock in at 1,350Hz.


These statistics are the result of a decade of sensor fusion R&D. Our team is comprised of inertial motion specialists—if you are looking for expert advice, consultation, or other input, Yost Labs can help. We work closely with our partners—as an extension of their technical team—to help ensure optimum performance and ease of implementation.

Yost Labs’ innovation has been recognized with several patent awards with numerous additional patents pending. Our customers and value-added resellers include the US Navy, US Air Force, NASA, US Army Corps of Engineers and over 1,000 leading technology firms and academic institutions around the world.