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About PrioVR

PrioVR uses high-performance inertial sensors to provide 360 degrees of low-latency, real-time motion tracking without the need for cameras, optics, line-of-sight, or large, awkward equipment. All PrioVR needs is you.

PrioVR’s sensors are placed on key points of your body to capture your movements and then translate them on-screen in real-time for a fully-immersive experience. PrioVR is wireless, allows for multiple simultaneous users, and will work anywhere–indoors or out, in capture spaces of any size.

Designed with you in mind, the PrioVR Dev Kit includes two hand-controllers with action buttons, triggers, and joysticks that liberate users from weighty wired connections. The joysticks allow you to navigate effortlessly through expansive worlds with ease, while the triggers support a familiar shooting experience. The PrioVR suit comes with demo games so you can experience the freedom of full-body gaming from day one.

Learn how virtual reality is only milliseconds away thanks to the ultra-low latency of 3-Space™ Sensors: Download the PrioVR Dev Kit Spec Sheet.


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PrioVR Dev Kit Apps

Download files to help you get up and running quickly as well as demos and utilities.

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