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ServoCenter MIDI Features

All ServoCenter™ boards feature 16 servo channels per board, and allow independent and simultaneous control of each servo’s position, speed, and seek-time. MIDI boards allow chaining of up to 32 boards for a total of 512 servos controlled via one MIDI out port.

On-board pads allow for external power or battery power, and all boards provide over-current and over-temperature protection. An on-board regulator supports both 4.8V/6.0V servo supply voltages. All boards feature a power switch and reset button.

ServoCenter™ MIDI allows MIDI continuous controller messages to directly control standard RC servos. ServoCenter™ MIDI is designed to be easily configured by anyone familiar with MIDI. By allowing MIDI continuous controller messages to control servos, ServoCenter™ MIDI opens up countless performance and sequencing options for musicians or special effects/ animatronics technicians. ServoCenter™ MIDI allows any device with a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) OUT port to control standard RC servo motors.

With full 14-bit resolution, ServoCenter™ MIDI allows for 16,384 servo positions. MIDI Continuous Controller messages control each servo position as well as on/off. By using ServoCenter with a MIDI sequencer, you can have an instant motion control solution that allows accurate and repeatable recording and playback of servo motions. MIDI IN and MIDI THRU ports allow the daisy-chaining of multiple ServoCenter boards as well as other MIDI devices.

ServoCenter™ MIDI is especially useful for servo control applications where MIDI music messages are to be coordinated with fluid servo motion. The broad range of MIDI sequencer software and MIDI controller devices make creating and storing servo motor motion performances easy for non-programmers. This opens up many opportunities for multimedia displays, interactive performance art, kinetic sculptures, and more.

By using the simple MIDI protocol, ServoCenter™ makes motor control easy for non-programmers. MIDI channel settings are switch-selectable, and the data format is the MIDI standard interface running at 31.25 kbps.

MIDI manufacturer ID number: 00H 01H 56H.

Full Package Contents

Includes one MIDI ServoCenter™ board, MIDI cable, jumpers, and power supply. All manuals provided.

Board Only Contents

Includes one MIDI ServoCenter™ board. All manuals available by download at no cost. No cable or power supply included.

Board Size: 3.375″ x 3.625″ x 1.0″, 2.8 oz

Downloads:   ServoCenter™ Downloads Hub