3-Space™ MoCap Starter Bundle – additional strap set only




  • Multi-piece set of straps and holders for use with 3-Space™ Sensor MoCap Bundle.
  • Includes all necessary straps and hardware to outfit a single mocap performer with seventeen(17) sensors.
  • Includes 17 silicone sensor holders, chest harness plates, and an assortment of all necessary straps for one MoCap performer.
  • Designed for use with the Yost Labs 3-Space Sensor™ MoCap Studio
  • Can be used in other configurations or for other MoCap related projects
  • Three sizes of straps are provided for flexible configuration and ease of fit
  • Soft elastic velcro straps conform to fit your body or other objects and allow for unhindered physical activity while firmly holding the sensor in place
  • MoCap bundle not included.