Open Source License

License Overview

Yost Labs provides two license options for Yost Labs 3-Space Covered Works. Covered Works include, but are not limited to, programs, project files, source files, firmware, sample program output, and packaged assets created by Yost Labs, and described as being covered under the Yost Labs 3-Space Open Source License. Software and data considered Covered Works include, but are not limited to, Yost Labs 3-Space Suite, Yost Labs 3-Space Mocap Studio, Yost Labs 3-Space Blender Motion Capture plug-in, demonstration programs, and the Yost Labs 3-Space Open Source family of firmware.

User Works outputted by Covered Works are considered program output, and all rights and copyright remain in the User. Examples of User Works include motion capture project files (such as .tsh files), node graph XML files, animation files (such as .bvh files), sensor data logs (data output from the Yost Labs 3-Space Suite), and sensor data saved to an SD card (such as from the data logging sensor).

Yost Labs offers two license options for Covered Works, a Commercial Use License and a Non-Commercial Use License. Before choosing and accepting the appropriate license for your needs, please read both options carefully, including the key Definitions below. If you are unsure of the appropriate licensing based on your intended use, please contact us directly at support@yostlabs.com.


Compilation” means any work which combines Covered Works with any services, programs, code or other products not governed by the terms of this License.

Distribution” and “Distributed” mean the sale, re-sale, licensing, supplying, redistribution, conveyance, packaging, shipping, copying, or public or private posting of access to Covered Works. “Improvement” means a modification to Covered Works that corrects a bug, defect or error without affecting the overall functionality.

Modification” means any alteration, addition to, or deletion from, the substance or structure of Covered Works including, without limitation, (a) any addition to or deletion from Covered Works, (b) any derivative of Covered Works, or (c) any work that contains any part of Covered Works.

Pecuniary Gain” means any action resulting in or intended to result in a direct or indirect monetary gain or economic benefit to any person or entity involved in the use, reproduction or distribution of Covered Works. Pecuniary gain may be, but is not limited to, a license fee, a user fee, a packaging, distribution, copying or shipping fee. However, the assessment of support fees, consulting fees, or other service-related fees by third parties, so long as the fees are not required as part of the distribution of Covered Works, and are not incorporated into third party products and/or software, is not considered Pecuniary Gain for the purposes of this License.

Yost Labs 3-SpaceTM Non-Commercial Use License

For Non-Commercial Use, your use of Covered Works is governed by the GNU GPL v.3, subject to the Yost Labs 3-Space Open Source Licensing Overview and Definitions. Non-Commercial Use, for the purposes of this License, prohibits the distribution of Covered Works for Pecuniary Gain. Non-Commercial Use, for the purposes of this License, does not permit Covered Works to be incorporated, in whole or in part, in its original or any revised form, in any other software, application, product, or service that is subsequently Distributed.

Non-Commercial Use, for the purposes of this License, allows users to copy, modify and distribute the source code, with one very important exception. The distribution cannot be done for the purpose of reaping a commercial profit or gain. As an example, if a user embeds or relies on the Covered Works in a product that is then sold to a third party either alone or as a package or component with other products or services, this would be a violation of the Non-Commercial Use License, even though this type of use would be permitted under the GNU GPL.

The GNU General Public License (GPL) is available at: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

Yost Labs 3-SpaceTM Commercial Use License

For Commercial Use, a Yost Labs Commercial/Redistribution License is required, pursuant to the Yost Labs 3-Space Open Source Licensing Overview and Definitions. Commercial Use, for the purposes of this License, means the use, reproduction and/or Distribution, either directly or indirectly, of the Covered Works or any portion thereof, or a Compilation, Improvement, or Modification, for Pecuniary Gain. A Yost Labs Commercial/Redistribution License may or may not require payment, depending upon the intended use. Contact us directly at support@yostlabs.com to inquire about or obtain a Yost Labs Commercial/Redistribution License.

Commercial Use, for the purposes of this License, includes but is not limited to: (a) integrating Covered Works with other software or hardware for Pecuniary Gain; (b) the licensing, selling, or Distributing of Covered Works for Pecuniary Gain; (c) the use of Covered Works, in whole or in part, in any software, application, product, or service, for Pecuniary Gain (excluding the User Works that are outputted by Covered Works), or that is provided “free of charge” in conjunction with, or bundled with, other software, application, products or services for which a fee or payment is assessed.

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