PrioVR Dev Kit Demos and Downloads

PrioVR Dev Kit Utilities

The Yost Labs PrioVR Utility is an open source application for setup and configuration or the PrioVR Dev Kit. It provides a graphical view of the orientation output of the suit, and gives access to orientation calibration parameters. PrioVR’s sensors are placed on key points of your body to capture your movements and then translate them on-screen in real-time for a fully-immersive experience. PrioVR is wireless, allows for multiple simultaneous users, and will work anywhere–indoors or out, in capture spaces of any size.

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MoCap Studio

The Yost Labs MoCap Studio is an open source application that uses the Yost Labs PrioVR Dev Kit to easily and quickly capture motion data. The software can export the animations in BVH, FBX, and TSH file formats to use in game development, animated movies, or any other application where pre-recorded motion data would be useful. You will first need to suit up by following the instructions in the PrioVR quick start guide.

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Quickstart Guide | User's Manual

PrioVR Dev Kit API

The PrioVR Application Programming Interface (API) makes it easy to access all of the features of the PrioVR Dev Kit. The PrioVR API stack consists of two layers: the Prio API and the Yost Skeleton API. The Prio API contains functions, structures, and definitions designed for enabling communication between the host device and the PrioVR Dev Kit. Currently, the Prio API and Yost Skeleton API support C/C++ natively. The API stack is open source, designed to be cross-platform, and other langauges can be supported by wrapping the API calls.

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Zombie Survival

Take control of a soldier and use whatever means necessary: guns, grenades, melee weapons, and even your own fists to survive.

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Zombie Survival Project - Download the source code for the demo.

Wizard Defender

Control a Wizard defending his castle from a horde of goblins! Using your magical abilities, keep the goblins away from the door.

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Wizard Defender Project - Download the source code for the demo.

CopyCat Dance

Dance the night away in a pose-matching game that requires skill and rhythm. Features split-screen, so that you can dance with a friend!

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CopyCat Dance Project - Download the source code for the demo.

Other Downloads

PrioVR Unreal Plugin

The PrioVR Unreal Engine 4 Plugin is an open source SDK that allows for easy integration of the PrioVR Dev Kit into Unreal Engine 4. Currently, the PrioVR Unreal Engine 4 SDK supports version 4.10, and up.

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Documentation Coming Soon!

PrioVR Unity Plugin

The PrioVR Unity Plugin is an open source SDK that allows for easy integration of the PrioVR Dev Kit into the Unity game engine. Currently, the PrioVR Unity SDK supports version 5.3, and up.

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Additional Documentation

The links below provide a variety of useful examples and information for easy integration into your projects.